The total price of this package is

4 months BREAK-FREE



Your life is precious. Imagine looking at it in retrospective: Just how much would you love to be able to say that you've truly

lived it? That you've lived up to your full potential?

So why not work on just that with a person that has been specifically trained for it? 


This package is ideal for you if


  • you are tired of feeling stuck and waiting for things to change

  • you have the sense that there is soooo much more you could be doing with your life

  • you feel that things are kind of fine but far from exciting, on purpose, filled with alive- and awesomeness

  • you don't know yet what exactly it is you want to be different, or

  • you know precisely what needs to change but are horrified to act on it,

because what if you regret it later on?


you are more than ready for a new,

utterly exciting chapter in life!


By coming on this 4 Month Coaching Journey you


  • are already starting to take action and make the first step out of stuckness!

  • will explore what it is that you want in your precious life- no matter what,

  • will say goodbye to mediocrity and bring all that bubbly energy, aliveness and

joy (back) into your life,

  • connect with yourself, remember who you really are and

find out what it is that you want to change,

  • gain the courage, strength and empowerment to take bold action to


finally break free from whatever it is that is keeping you stuck. Create and start living that fully resonant version of your life that you've been longing for and that you're so meant to be living!


















This is included


  • 1 x 90 min kick-off session to look at where you're currently at, define that exciting goal of yours and the type of support that will get you there for sure, 

  • 8 x 60 min weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions,

  • 1 x 30 min coaching session for whenever a quick chat is needed,

  • Powerful journaling & mindset exercises as well as

  • Empowering doing & action-taking challenges in-between sessions,

  • Accountability support

  • Practical tips, tools, worksheets which you will largely benefit from way beyond these 4 months,

  • Continuous Email, Messenger, Voice Message

support in-between sessions.

  • Audio-recording of our session, so you can re-visit it whenever needed in the future.




All prices incl. VAT where applicable.

Which you can pay in monthly rates of 222 € or as a total up-front

to get an extra 60 min of coaching free of charge on top -

either for yourself or a friend of yours.

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