Before being a full-time coach, I worked in online marketing for over 10 years. Starting my career in a search marketing agency in the south of Germany, an appealing job offer brought me to a large US e-commerce company based in Barcelona, Spain. 

There I grew from my specialist marketing role into a manager, responsible for large budgets and leading multinational teams.

Managing and mentoring members of my team was one of the things I most enjoyed about my job. And it was through a manager training course, I first got in touch with the world of coaching. 


I was fascinated by how quickly and yet deeply coaching could have an impact. Being asked great questions, voicing thoughts and beliefs, being challenged and at the same time supported by someone who completely has your back – this was a truly powerful experience for me.


Coaching helped me gain clarity, shift perspectives, expand my beliefs and take decisions.

So that's when I decided to learn all about coaching and began my training and certification program.

Since then I have been working with a wide range of clients on both personal and professional goals.

I love working with individuals through stages of change; sharing sessions full of creativity, fun, authenticity and insight; seeing growth and success – it fuels me with energy and is what inspires me the most to be a coach.

// Want to know the complete story of how I actually decided to take the leap and leave my secure, well-paid marketing job, my beloved apartment and the city of Barcelona to set myself free? An incredibly hard step for me at the time. One that made me grow immensely and basically meant finally stepping into my truth again. And  it's thanks to my own story that I am so passionate about helping others do the same, unstucking themselves and living their true calling, today.


Check out an interview I gave on my own story to find out more >>

German Coach Barcelona




My coach training was with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Having trained over 20,000 coaches, consultants and managers worldwide, this certification program is the most rigorous and respected in the industry.

My coach certificate is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the most highly regarded coaching standards body in the world. ICF preserves the integrity of coaching through internationally accepted professional standards.


Feeling stuck, being tired of the same old, seeing too much time passing without any real highs or lows, admiring others for living an awesome life, doubting, limiting yourself but sensing that you’ve got so much more potential… ​

Want to do something about it?

Change often means "going into the unknown". This can be hard and incredibly scary. Taking the decision to create massive change in your life requires courage and tenacity.

Go for it!

I will work with you on finding what it is that makes you feel most alive and fulfilled,

and what will make you grow and expand. You’ll set and achieve goals that pull you out of your comfort zone and into a refreshingly new, vibrant reality. It's about creating the energy, vividness and the life you love.

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