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You're feeling stuck in life? Overwhelmed and paralyzed by so many options? 

You long for change but struggle to make the first move? 

You are not sure where to start, or just anxious to make a move but- really WANT change? 


The Get in the Game Mastermind Session

is ideal for you if


  • you are tired of feeling stuck and waiting for things to change

  • you know that there is soooo much more that you could be doing with your life

  • you feel that things are fine but far from fully resonant, on purpose, filled with alive- and awesomeness

  • you don't know yet what exactly it is that you want to be different, or

  • you know precisely what needs to change but don't feel ready,

brave, safe or good enough to act on it... and what if you regret it later on?

  • you want to get a flavour of what coaching can do for you,

  • you just want to make the first move already because



you are more than ready for a new,

exciting chapter in life!


What you'll get from this Mastermind Session:


  • you're already starting to take action and are making the first step out of stuckness!

  • you'll pull yourself OUT of that swamp of doubt, overwhelm and indecision

  • you'll reconnect with who you truly are and get crystal clear on what you want that next big chapter in your life to be all about

  • you'll fall madly in love with that vision,



get totally fired up and

start taking meaningful action towards

this next big chapter in life!



















This is included


  • Pre-session questionnaire exercise to tune you in

for 90 powerful minutes

  • 90 minutes of exclusive one-to-one coaching

  • Spot-on exercises to keep your work up post session 

  • 1 week of WhatsApp accountability support

post session

  • Audio-recording of our session, so you can re-visit it whenever needed in the future.



90 min


All prices incl. VAT where applicable.
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