Interview with Vega Luukkonen

Vega's love story with India started already 13 years ago when she travelled to this huge and diverse country for the very first time. Since then she's been calling Goa her base during the cold finnish winter months, enjoying its sun, warmth and the open-mindedness of people. It feels so good to be surrounded by creative and free-spirited people, she says, with her own lifestyle being far from the regular 9-5 setup. In her case it's all about dancing. From her bases in Goa and Berlin, she travels the world to perform and teach contact dance. So as this season in Goa is coming to an end, she'll soon be moving on to Berlin and getting ready for Europe's broad festival season, holding workshops and organizing retreats.

What did your life look like before? -Life in Helsinki where I found "being different" just a lot more difficult than in Berlin. I remember always having to explain my choices as most people were following a more typical life path.

What was calling you? -At that time a man from Berlin ;) But I had had Berlin on my mind before already. Essentially its diversity and how easy it was to be myself there. In hindsight I'd say that much of my own flowering and expansion really happened there.

A key learning from this experience: -Have the courage to keep checking in with yourself and ask: where do I want to go in life, towards what do I want to guide it? And don't be afraid to leave things behind. As opposed to staying in the spiral of repeating patterns, feeling unwell but staying out of fear.

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