Interview with Daniel Blackmore


Daniel has a little fan group amongst the waiters of this little café we're sitting in the South Mumbai. A day earlier he was here, sketching a picture of the place and the staff seems to have fallen in love with it. So we keep getting little interruptions of waiters asking for a copy of the drawing or his Instagram details. Daniel is a bit embarrassed by it, "it's really nothing special" he says about most of his work. I am blown away by his drawings. Digital painting of film sets is what he does for living and what pays for his travels. For the past two years he's been working in Northern Ireland for 3-4 months a year to get film sets of Games of Thrones and other TV series and films designed, before setting off to live 6 months in Lyon to study French, to travel in Europe or to backpack through India for half a year. After the next few months of working phase, he has traveling China next on the list.

What did your life look like before?

- I lived with my ex-girlfriend of six years in the east of England, often commuting long hours to London for work.

What was calling you?

- Longing for change, experience new things and to push myself

A key learning from this experience: -Traveling on my own just made me get to know myself a lot better. I learned to be good to myself and to love myself more. I'd say I also started to care less about what other people think, to feel more free and more confident in my own skin. All the ecstatic dance nights in Goa certainly played a role in this too ;)

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