Interview with Anne Wuchold

Anne just returned from an organized yoga group travel tour through the north of India, led by her. Her face lights up talking about it: "We had such a great group again, so many special, moving moments, it really felt more like travelling with friends". Putting together yoga tours and retreats in India and Sardinia is what she's been mainly doing for living ever since she left the world of theater in Cologne few years ago. Her fifth season in Goa is coming to an end, soon she'll be moving on to Chiang Mai to spend some weeks re-connecting with her thai massage teachers. Well and afterwards over to Europe, hosting a retreat and enjoying summer in Sardinia, where her husband comes from and where their little son's grandparents still live. So where does she and her little family live? No fixed place, but you'll likely find them in India and Thailand over the cold months and between Berlin and Sardinia during the European spring and summer months. What did your life look like before? -Also very colorful and diverse, just colder, German climate. Acting in a theater allowed me to be someone else every day, today I am more free to be somewhere else as I take my work with me. What was calling you? -Curiosity about a more holistic lifestyle. Living in Germany, I always felt that we were very rich materialistcally but poor on the spiritual side. So India and with that a yoga therapy course and shiatsu training were calling me. And just seeing more of this world. A key learning from this experience? -Changing places is great, but real change and also happiness come from within. Seeing the hundredst palmtree with coconuts won't excite you anymore, so you'll have to nurture this inside of yourself.

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