Interview with Sofia Max

Sofia came to India just because she "needed to come", the same way she moved from Sweden to Sydney just because she felt that Sydney may be her place in this world. Turned out she was right, she's been happily living there for the past six years. Following her intuition is how she takes next steps in life today, not needing to know what will happen and where it will ultimately take her. It hasn't always been this way though, she says, regular meditation really helped her clear the mind and develop a strong inner voice. This is also how "writing" came to her not too long ago, a skill she had never studied but that just wanted to be explored by her. And here she is today, spending some time in India doing what makes her joyous: Teaching yoga, playing music and writing poetry, which is about to turn into her second published book.

What did your life look like before: -Working in IT for 14 years. Work I found interesting and demanding, but never nurturing. Living in Sweden where friends all started having babies and moving to the suburbs. What was calling you: -Living in an non-European country with a lot of sun and warmth, an easygoing lifestyle and open, friendly, easy-to-talk-to people. A key learning from this experience: -Faith is the key. With faith I don't need to know about the future anymore and can follow my intuition. And focusing on what brings me joy, the money will come as long as I am joyous.

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