Interview with Lotte Lux

Lotte had 300 Eur in her pocket when she arrived in Goa two months ago and no income stream whatsoever lined up. She did know how to create beautiful websites though and now spends her mornings sitting in an airy garden cafe, working on her first freelance jobs for local and abroad clients. Some she gets paid for, others are in exchange for services like yoga classes. It’s been going well... and she’s starting to get itchy feet again… What did your life look like before? - 9-5 research office job in Amsterdam, 4 years in a very toxic work environment. Living together with my boyfriend of 5 years. What was calling you? -India. Adventure. Seeing if I could make this dream nomad lifestyle possible for myself. Key learning from this experience? -There’s not only one way to live. If you really want something, set a positive intention, don't be attached to how, it will manifest.

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