Life of choice

When I left my office job for a long sabbatical break, I wrote a list of things I’d love to do during all that time off. It felt like a time to play- „Now, that I don’t have to work to make a living and have all this free time what would I love to do"?! Spending a month in plain nature, finding new inspiration and meditating in India, finally turning my on-the-side coaching practice into my own coaching business, spending an extended time in Italy, cooking and learning Italian, so many ideas came to mind and became reality.

One I hadn’t gotten to though was working in a nice cafe with a terrace during summer! I looove the vibe of nice coffee places, I love hosting people, I love being physically active, connecting with people, feeling pumped by the business of a place and physically exhausted at the end of a work day… May sound weird to some- totally something that fires ME up though!

Seemingly an easy-to-do item on the bucket list, but when moving around and travelling a lot it was somehow always „the wrong time“ because, who would want to hire a never-worked-in-gastronomy-waitress for just a few days?

Life of choice

It’s the end of the year now, clearly not summer-terrace-time anymore but yet, as I decided to take a little break from travelling and have some time to gently see the year wind down, spend quality time with family and friends and preparing myself for the year to come… it finally just became the RIGHT time to turn this wanna-do-item into reality!

So I went to my two fave places in town and just asked, and wohooo just a week later I started working at a cosy breakfast, coffee and cake (my favorite!) cafe one day a week. Wonderful!

... But: Did it also feel a bit weird to start waitressing out of a sudden? I mean, waitressing is a comparably low-paid job many times performed by students who are still in the process of gaining qualifications to then work in a "proper job". I had already climbed the career ladder in marketing, making plenty of $$$ AND was now passionately running my own coaching business. I won’t lie, I DID wonder what others may think for a moment. BUT decided to not make it my business, and to write and shout about it instead. Why? Because I am convinced that there are tons of people out there making choices because they make sense, because it’s what’s considered normal, what people around them expect them to do… but would secretely love to give themselves permission to do the things that REALLY make their hearts beat faster, fill them with joy and make them feel alive. Maybe not forever and just for the experience and fun of it, or maybe to find out that this is what they actually want WAY MORE of in their lives? Who knows?

So, very curious about you! What would you love to do but feel hesitant because your environment (or your own limiting belief) may say you’re crazy, irresponsible, shallow, totally under- or overqualified...? Or which decision did you take DESPITE of everyone around you shaking their heads in disbelief? I’d love to know!

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