Interview with Marion Guiraud

Marion just touched-down in Paris and still feels a bit bewildered to be back. It’s been five years abroad, so much has happened since. She had left France for a 6 month internship in NYC, extended to complete her masters in arts, and then started working as an art curator successfully managing diverse galleries in the city!

Fast forward four happy years packed with arts and creativity, a growingcircle of friends, and so many things going on in NYC all the time, her life would abruptly change when her application for a new US working visa was declined!

Not being able to stay and continue her life in New York was really bad news to say the least- a whole world fell apart for her. Sleepless nights of thinking back and forth on how to make a visa extension happen later, something shifted... and she started being able to see which new possibilities were opening up for her. Going travelling for a longer period of time, for example. So when she left NY few weeks later, it wasn’t a devastated version of herself leaving but actually a pretty excited one, looking forward to traveling through Latin America and India for the next year.

Today she’s looking back to an amazing journey where she picked up a new skill and passion for teaching yoga, and is making plans for her next chapter: life in the more human-size city of Barcelona! Balancing being in the bustling city with being in its surrounding nature. And creating a good mix of working in the arts... and teaching yoga. What did your life look like before? -"Very busy but happy life in the art scene of NYC." What was calling you? -"Haha, it was really more the US immigration office in my case. But of course I could've tried to make a visa happen somehow. But this trip was also something I really wanted to do and in hindsight I feel like something just needed to happen at that point in my life. It was a constant run and my life was really revolving around the art world. I deeply felt I needed to explore other things and another part of myself." A lesson learned? -"You have to learn to let go because there’ll always be something exciting new coming up. Life has much more imagination than we do."

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