Interview with Swedha Singh

It's the end of a long, intense day for Swedha: time to enjoy dessert on the hotel balcony overlooking a stunning mountain scenery in the north of India.

She's been the core of a big corporate event, a team outing of bankers from Mumbai, moderating the program of their 3 day get-away: making them laugh and forget about their busy lives back home, making them play tug-of-war or balloon-belly-crashing.

"When I manage to raise a smile a day my job is done"- it seems her job is more than done for the day then: I saw, heard and felt the laughter and fun of this group!

Swedha is only 25 years old but had to take matters into her own hands early on when she lost both of her parents at age 21, being left behind with two younger siblings to take care of. But her story today is about something else, about her INTOTHEWILD path, the bold decisions that she's already taken in her young life:

Being a very bright girl and a brilliant student in school, expectations of her environment were that she'd go study engineering, medicine or law to build a solid foundation for a well-paid career later on. She opted for the opposite of what one would associate with a "solid and well paid" career and started theater acting. "I want to elicit emotions and aliveness in people" she explains, "doing this through art seemed like the only way for me". Today she acts at a renowned theater in Mumbai and is a greatly demanded presenter for corporate events, falls asleep satisfied at the end of the day... and makes way more money than the other "solid options" would have typically paid her. What did your life look like before? "I guess just trying to find out who I am, what I want and separating that from what others thought I should be." What was calling you? "Living a colorful, joyous life and adding color and joy to the lives of others." A learning from this experience: "When you know what you want, stay connected to yourself and lean into it, your environment will respond."

Swedha Singhs unconventional career

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