About breaks

A quick break on the way up to an ancient fortress on a rock plateau in the middle of the desert. (A fortress in the middle of the desert- how amazing is that btw??) It was hot and very sunny- this small cave offered a bit of soothing shade.

Made me think about just how much I love breaks ;) Even the mini versions, like 10 mins of power napping after a rough first half of the day, 100 meters of walking during a long run, 10 mins of meditation on a crazy day, 1 afternoon of doing nothing during super busy times or 5 mins of drinking water, enjoying the view and gaining some energy back to climb the last bit of a desert trail, etc. can mean the world and change EVERYTHING!

In a way it's also such an act of kind-, tender- and lovingness towards yourself... Yes, I'm a fan! :D

And yet I feel I could permit breaks to myself more often, more consciously... and sometimes actually also enjoy them more. This may come as a surprise to people who know me, and that I took a long sabbatical break from my former job around 2 years ago. But even though I had set up that time to basically just be, and try out new things... I right away felt that pressure of having to make these great plans, having to know exactly what I was going to be doing, by when, etc.

Not exactly relaxing or a state of mind that facilitates creativity, new inspiration and the change that I'd been looking for. In hindsight I know that change and amazing things did happen during this time off, just the way I wanted. So, I could have just relaxed and fully enjoyed the start of my sabbatical break instead of worrying and designing a thousand possible plans in my head, right? Was so much easier said than done though.

The change which then also opened doors to all these amazing experiences that I mentioned, was my decision to give up my Barcelona apartment, to put what I didn't sell into storage and to venture on an open-end nomadic journey. And as I love deciding in the moment as opposed to planning much in advance- also when I'm traveling- I've been kind of practising and learning to let go off needing to know what's next more.

With this I started being more present and actually enjoying the different stops on my trip as opposed to pondering what I'll be doing next continously. What I came to understand is that it's one thing to deliberately create breaks for yourself and a whole different story to then be able to rejoice and indulge in them!

How about you? What type of breaks do you permit yourself? How do they feel? What would it be like to consciously create more of those?

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