Winter Walk

Winter Nature

It's cold outside, really cold. So cold that it's very tempting to just stay in.

In the warmth, on the sofa, in a cosy home...

But then, once you've gotten yourself wrapped up and are out, walking in the crisp, fresh air, letting the mind wander, taking in the soothing blue winter sky, the stillness of nature at this time of the year, and the wide open space...

it's just sooo good!

And even nicer to get back into the warmth after!... ;)

Makes me think of how staying in our comfort zone literally makes us miss the world outside.

And how that world may seem "too cold" or rough looking at it from the comfort of the known. And just how AMAZING it turns out to be, even if rough at times, once we venture INTO THE WILD to see it.

What little comfort zone escapes do you already go on because you know it's good for you-

although it may be a little inner fight each time?

Where are you still staying "in" but know it would be soooo rewarding to go out?

Wanna explore the outside more and set yourself up to win the inner fight?!

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Winter Sky

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