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I was just so tired of Barcelona when I left this city that I had been calling home for over 8 years just about 13 months ago.

I had been madly in love with the city at some point, feeling almost in pain when leaving it to visit home or other places for a couple of days, always most content when approaching the BCN airport and catching the first glimpse of the Tibidabo upon return.

Itchy Feet Event Barcelona

But years of doing more or less the same, working in a multinational company in online marketing during the week, squeezing most out of my free time after work and on the weekends, just wore me out.

I got tired of many things. Of seeing close friends come and go, leave the city after few years, the ever-growing masses of tourists, I got tired of all these new international people, new expats arriving and being all excited and in love with the city (I suspected then and know now: I was so jealous of their excitement!).

I tried to escape it staying in my mostly Catalan neighborhood, hanging out with my local friends.

At the same time I was bored and knew I needed a change.

Coaching event Barcelona

So I started tweaking little things, seeing new people, hanging out in other neighborhoods more, changing apartments, etc. to get some „fresh input“.

But none of it resulted in lasting contentment.

I was still tired of it.

So finally, I left.

I left my apartment, gave away and sold many things, put everything else in storage. I set off to an open-ended journey which led me to India for four months, then to Italy, to Israel and finally to my „original home“, Germany.

And gosh, it was sooo good. I immersed myself in all these new impressions, soaked up loads of fresh input and inspiration, took every opportunity to learn, grow and expand. I loaded myself with fresh views, perspectives and ideas. I talked to and connected with so many interesting people, listened to their stories, passed them on. I started my own coaching business INTO THE WILD Coaching. I changed.

And I came back to Barcelona at the end of February, just three weeks ago.

And guess how it went.

I absolutely loved it!

I loved the international crowd, I loved meeting every single expat, connecting with visitors of the Mobile World Congress- I actively seeked out meeting and hanging out with them! I realized they are actually quite similar to me. And they have stories to tell, they do interesting things, they travel, they are open-minded, they are excited and content with what they do!

So Barcelona this time meant just being in total flow, meeting fantastic new people all the time, rocking two coaching events with my fabulous co-host and friend Julia, holding a training for an NGO, going through 20 boxes of my storage, getting rid of more things, attracting new clients in…

Coaching event Barcelona

I got so much done and so much further in these 2 weeks than I did in the past four months in Germany.

So why am I sharing all of this with you?

It just stroke me how changing perspectives literally changes everything.

This did not happen a year ago when I was still tired of it all.

The city didn’t change (not in that aspect).

It was me and my perspective that had changed.

I was now able to the opportunity to connect, learn, have fun where I had seen mainly annoyance beforehand.

And let me tell you: It felt just so good!

What are you really tired of? What’s the one thing you can do for a change in perspective?

Could use some support with this? I'd love to work this out with you!

Just get in touch via PM or email and let's set up an informal chat!

Pictures show the "Itchy Feet- Where are you headed" Coaching Event in Barcelona, March 2018. Hosted by INTO THE WILD Coaching and Travel and Live Abroad. Pic credit & gratitude to Gal Wachs.

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