Interview with Kamil Swayze

Kamil's just taking a break in front of „Juice Dudes“, a juice, healthy food and music bar that he had opened in the Vila Olimpia area of Barcelona just three months earlier.

It was a fairly spontaneous decision for Hamburg-born and raised Kamil to replace his job at an international juice store chain in his hometown by opening his own place in sunny Barcelona. „My manager did not keep his word of giving me a leading position in a set timeframe, so I kept mine and quit.“

Kamil had fallen for the feel-good-city a few years earlier. So when he left his job, he called up a friend who already lived there and the idea of opening a juice bar together was born. Only 6 months later they knew their concept, finished renovating a location they had found and opened doors to the public this past December.

Kamil Swayze Juice Dudes Barcelona


„So if we talk my life like 3+ years ago: I was leading an extremely party + fun focused lifestyle: eating mainly fast food, going to parties and drinking loads 3-4 times a week. This chapter hit its peak with a stroke at age 26. Tough times. I then gained a lot of weight as I could only slowly return to exercising. All of this made me change my lifestyle completely. I immersed myself in knowledge on healthy eating. I started respecting my body. Taking care of it, nourishing it well. I got so much fitter, physically and mentally in return. I then made it my mission to support others do the same for themselves.“


„Working for myself instead of working for semi-qualified bosses, being in a sunnier climate, live my mission of „spreading knowledge and the passion for a healthy lifestyle“, creating and growing a community around it, connecting with others! It’s not about getting rich. I could run other, more profitable businesses if that was my goal. It’s about sharing, spending my time and dedicating my soul to something that truly matters to me.“


„It’s all about respect. Respecting yourself, your body, the ones around you. Reflecting on what is right and important to you in life. Again, respecting yourself by setting goals and creating the focus to pursue it.“

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