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Freya featured in 'SHE HIT REFRESH'

Hot late-summer nights, the warm lightning in the narrow streets of the old town, the ease of life – I was 24 when I came to the fabulous city of Barcelona almost exactly 10 years ago, and instantly in love with it.



I had been headhunted by a big US e-commerce company with an office based in Barcelona, so I had just left my home country Germany to begin a very exciting new chapter.

For the first years I was madly in love with it- I was one of the people that felt sad on the way to the airport, always feeling most happy when touching back down in Barcelona. I learned Spanish, built a life, climbed the career ladder, saw international friends come and go.



But as the years went by, slowly but surely that strong feeling of “YES- this is soooo what I want“ faded and got replaced by “yeah, it’s good… I guess“. I noticed how I started envying other people’s excitement for Barcelona…where had MINE gone? At work I found myself impatiently sitting in meetings, feeling “this is a complete waste of my precious lifetime!“



What I didn’t get: “What’s wrong with me? – I have a great well-paid job, superb friends, live in a city that everyone loves. I should be happy?!“




I came to coaching in that moment of my life. Started with a workshop, loved it and decided to do the full coach, then to add another year for the certification. I worked with clients next to my full-time job, loved connecting with people in that way, despite the double challenge.

In my personal life I also started making changes: I found an amazing apartment that was just perfect for me, moved houses… but somehow I still felt stuck. I realized, I have to get out of this job, take some time for myself, find out what I want.



Much, much easier said than done, I was horrified. It took many sleepless nights before I took the decision to inform my boss I was considering leaving the company.

I learned that I didn’t have to quit but could take an unpaid sabbatical leave. I opted for 19 months off.

So out of a sudden I found myself with all this freedom.



And was paralyzed by it. Still stuck in Barcelona, now with the additional pressure of not having an income, knowing I probably wouldn’t want to go back to the corporate world, hence I had to find a resonant alternative. Balance this with giving myself the time to find out what that could actually be while also making most of the sabbatical and enjoying myself.

So there I was, anxious, sitting in my beautiful apartment, terrified to give up my last anchor of a “secure“ settled life.



I did little trips here and there, lived on a mountain in Switzerland for a month, visited friends and family and eventually took a pretty life-changing 8-week coaching course which made me realize that I wanted to pursue my passion for COACHING. In those 8 weeks I created a concept, defined who I wanted to work with, found a name and set up my website.  



And yet, I still hadn’t entirely unstuck myself- and knew I needed to go further.

I hired a new coach and things started moving: When I saw a yoga group from Barcelona host a retreat in Goa I was head over heels- I JUST REALLY WANTED TO GO. And I wanted to be free and stay in India as long as I wanted to and… go with the flow and see what happens!



So that’s when everything shifted: Exactly one month before the retreat started, I finally gave up my apartment, got myself a one-way ticket to India, sold stuff, put the rest into storage. And set off.

Wow- I was terrified and so excited at the same time! I arrived and just all the right things happened. I was open, immersed myself in so many different courses, I was like a sponge soaking up all the fresh input… and finally understood what had been “wrong with me“ those past years in Barcelona. I had been bored. I had outgrown that chapter. I had craved new input, growth, challenge- I’d been desperate to widen my horizon, to expand my perspective.



About a year ago I returned from India – being in a COMPLETELY different place compared to when I’d left four months earlier. And launched INTO THE WILD Coaching.



Providing the support and guidance that I would have needed so dearly years earlier. Helping others GET UNSTUCK AND CREATE THEIR VERSION OF A NEW EXCITING, FULLY RESONANT CHAPTER IN LIFE!

I haven’t felt a desire for a new base, but have been (digital) nomading since then.



You can find Freya on Facebook at Into The Wild Coaching, on Instagram @into.the.wild.one, and on her website at Into The Wild One.



Source: https://shehitrefresh.com/featured-female-remote-work/

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