The first of many, many days off...

We celebrated the beginning of a 6-month sabbatical break of one of my best friends (and with alt-j!) this weekend!

A break from your work routine, a time of complete freedom, of going with the flow, of new adventures and discoveries, of exploring and trying out new things and potentially finding out what that great next chapter in your life could be all about...

What would you do if you had 6 months off and the financial means to do whatever you felt like doing?

Love the idea of taking a sabbatical but have no idea how to do it financially, logistically, mentally, etc.?

Or are you already on it, potentially overwhelmed by all the possibilities and (self-imposed) expectations?

Get in touch and let's talk- I've so been there!

I took a 1,5 year-long sabbatical break in early 2016 which completely changed my life.

I left my manager position at a US company based in Barcelona, went on an open-ended journey that brought me to India, Italy, Israel, Spain, the US and back to my home country Germany, while starting my own coaching business INTO THE WILD Coaching.

Through INTO THE WILD Coaching I support others find and follow their passion- and create their exciting next chapter in life.

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