Three 'firsts' in one

Coaching in Stuttgart

Three 'firsts' in one

  • First coaching workshop in Germany,

  • in German,

  • in a public space.

I was so anxious about it when my proposal to run this got approved and the date landed in my calendar.

- Will my fellow Germans be extra sceptical? - Will I be able to limit the use of anglicisms? - Will I blackout, make a fool of myself?

The beauty of any point of 'no return' is that you HAVE to make it happen. So I did.

Preparing for it, adjusting my content for a public space, printing material, speaking it through with volunteers-

getting ready for it made it become more real, more tangible, more 'doable'.

So on the morning of the big day, I actually felt at ease (!) I felt ready and was even really looking forward to it!

How did it go? I loved it! 57 (!) people came, were just really open-minded, keen to take something away, participated, some asked questions, shared their challenges.

Some stayed to say thanks and chat afterwards- couldn't have wished for more.

Take-away: Get the things that scare the hell out of you - but you know will make you feel amazing and help you grow when done - scheduled. No return. And then get the work done to rock it.

What could that be for you? Or what has that been for you recently?

Would love to hear about it!

Also looking for mine... Inspiration welcome ;))

Coaching Workshop Stuttgart

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