5 Things People Who Urgently Need A Change Say... and how to go about them instead.

Need A Change

Change can be scary. Sometimes we most happily buy into any of the four self-limiting statements listed below as they make it seem sensible to stay stuck in an "okay" or not so great situation.

Read on to see what statements to watch out for and how to go about them instead...

#1 I’m okay / fine / yeah, not too bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for honesty and believe that being just „okay“, „fine“ and actually „really bad“ from time to time is a natural part of life.

The question is: how do you feel most of the time?

Which words would you love to be using to describe your life overall when you do that grand retrospective with your or someone else’s grandchildren on your lap at some point?

Is a „fine“ or „okay“ life what you want to be reliving in your memories? Which adjectives do you want to be best describing your life? What does that life entail?


#2 What more can I ask for/ expect from life?

If this comes out as an „I freakin’ loooove my life, seriously, I could not ask for anything else“ it’s obviously a different story, skip this paragraph if that’s you.

I am referring to the low-vibe version, the „I’m not worthy of a more interesting/ fun/ badass life“ - version. If that’s your (subconscious) belief, you’ll be creating just that reality for yourself.


#3 That’s how life is, what can I do?

Same as above. Yes- some things are out of our control and it’s fantastic if you’ve reached that state of inner peace when facing unpleasant things that you cannot change.

That being said, are you sure you cannot change anything about a current dissatisfactory situation? Nothing at all? What if your life was at stake… would you be able to change something then? Guess what, it is!


#4 If everyone just did what they wanted to… where would we end up?

Hm, so the belief is that people need to pull themselves together and stick with things, people, circumstances that keep them small, unhappy and unfulfilled?

Well, if we all did that, we’d all end up being pretty miserable and bitter sooner or later, depending on how well and often you escape your current reality of living what's not fulfilling (anymore) with e.g. going on vacation, having a drink too many, binge watching series, etc.

So how about if everyone did what they wanted to do- wouldn’t people in consequence be a lot more positive, fulfilled and happy?

Don’t get me wrong: „Doing what you want to do“ may entail steps that are extremely difficult and initially hurtful to you and others involved. Leaving a toxic relationship may mean a family break up or quitting a job that wears you out may mean „letting down“ your coworkers.

But what’s at stake if you stay? And how will following what is calling you benefit others involved in the longer term?


#5 You can’t have it all

Really? Who says so? Maybe you don’t even want it „all“. If you haven’t done so yet, start with defining what „all“ means to you and feeling into how life would look and feel like if that „all“ was already in place. Worth giving it a go…


Found yourself in any of these statements and feel like

"Yeah, actually it would be amazing if I could change something about my current reality"?

Reach out - I'd loved to support you with exploring this further.

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